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Chugging Along… Issue #2 Production update

Hoo boy, has it been busy behind the scenes here at Megabrain HQ!  If you got here from googling “wet beavers” you may be at the wrong site. With our funding now successful, it’s full steam ahead. Let me elucidate what’s been going on over here, and try to give out an idea of when some of [...]

ADA #1, Kickstarter and NYCC!

Whoa. It’s been a busy summer for Megabrain. We’ve been so busy, it’s been a little hard to find time to update the Blah too much, so here’s a recap! American Dark Age Issue #1 is all done, and it’s off to the printers. We had a super successful Kickstarter Campaign and so those who backed the project [...]

We’ll Have The Mega MoCCA Meal and A Side of Comical Delight, Please.

Click to Read American Dark Age Bonjour, Hej, Iiti em Hotep, As salam ulaikum, Layho, Guten Tag, Shalom, Aloha, Hola, Privet, Chao Ban, Ciao, Sawubona, Dag and Hello to all of our Megafans around the globe. Yesterday, two and a half of the lobes and I attended our first comic book convention in a promotional capacity [...]